An easy way to view csv files in the terminal.

Repository: https://github.com/YS-L/csvlens


It can be installed view cargo

cargo install csvlens


csvlens <filename>
hjkl (or ← ↓ ↑→ )Scroll one row or column in the given direction
Ctrl + f (or Page Down)Scroll one window down
Ctrl + b (or Page Up)Scroll one window up
Ctrl + d (or d)Scroll half a window down
Ctrl + u (or u)Scroll half a window up
Ctrl + hScroll one window left
Ctrl + lScroll one window right
Ctrl + ←Scroll left to first column
Ctrl + →Scroll right to last column
G (or End)Go to bottom
g (or Home)Go to top
<n>GGo to line n
/<regex>Find content matching regex and highlight matches
n (in Find mode)Jump to next result
N (in Find mode)Jump to previous result
&<regex>Filter rows using regex (show only matches)
*<regex>Filter columns using regex (show only matches)
TABToggle between row, column or cell selection modes
>Increase selected column's width
<Decrease selected column's width
Shift + ↓ (or Shift + j)Sort rows by the selected column
# (in Cell mode)Find and highlight rows like the selected cell
@ (in Cell mode)Filter rows like the selected cell
Enter (in Cell mode)Print the selected cell to stdout and exit
-SToggle line wrapping
rReset to default view (clear all filters and custom column widths)
H (or ?)Display help